Eat your Greens at Streets of New York and Save Some Dough

by Streets of New York • July 25, 2018
Young girl not to fond of saladRemember being younger and fighting your parental figure over having to “eat your greens.” Seems kind of silly now, doesn’t it? All those times we shuddered looking at the green leafy stuff thinking it belonged in the garden and not in our bowl. I remember many nights where the tossed salad was as much expected at the table as I was. 

Well, look at us now…

We are a society of adults who LOVE salad. Here at Streets of New York, we’ve got your back and this week happens to be National Salad Week!

Did you know that our once arch nemesis has its own “National” day? At Streets of New York, we want to help you celebrate by offering up the green goodness for only $6.00.

SALADS for only $6.00???

That’s just crazy talk…almost as crazy as you eating it when you were a kid.

Well, Streets of New York is invested in your health, and we want to help you go green and get the greens in your system. It’s all a part of that flushing out the system thing that’s good for us.

So what does Streets of New York have for salads? 

SaladYay…the good part! Not only is Streets of New York known for its excellent New York Style pizza, but we also have a robust and zesty Italian dressing that is made with our 41-year-old secret recipe that will make any salad your new fav.

Chopped Antipasto Salad anyone?

Let me digress and start with the traditional Chopped Antipasto salad. This is a mix of romaine ham, salami, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, Swiss and mozzarella cheese (yes, please) and pepperoncini’s. You almost forget that there’s even lettuce in there which is indeed my kind of salad.

All of those ingredients are hand tossed with that one of a kind Streets of New York zesty Italian Dressing. Sounds pretty tasty, right? Hold your taste buds; there's more!

Chopped Greek salad never tasted so good!

Next up, we have the Chopped Greek with just the right mix of red onions, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese and it’s tossed with, wait for it…a Greek dressing. Can you say “Yum”?

Of course, we have other tasty salads sure to please any palate such as the Chopped Cobb salad, Streets Spinach Salad a Chopped Gorgonzola Pear and of course my other favorite and another Streets of New York delectable dish, the Classic Caesar salad.

Streets of New York doesn’t just stop there; they have a great garden salad sure to bring out smiles for miles.

I think my younger self would be seriously impressed with my love for salads. I’m not saying I’m a total greenie, but with the way Streets of New York tosses a salad, they will get my order any day. 

Be sure to visit your local Streets of New York this week to enjoy the National Salad Week celebration and get your favorites for only $6.00 each.

Visit one of the Streets of New Yorks 25 locations and Green Out today!
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