What makes Genuine Broaster Chicken the Best Fried Chicken in the World?

Broaster chicken

Genuine Broaster Chickens begins with the finest quality chicken, carefully marinated and coated with specially formulated Broaster ingredients. Then, as each order is received, the chicken is placed inside the Broaster Company manufactured pressure flyer, designed to cook each individual piece of chicken "under pressure" in the chicken's own natural juices, limiting the absorption of cooking oil and driving the marinade deep down to the bone while searing the chicken with a golden, crispy-crunchy coating. The result is Genuine Broaster Chicken. No other process, no substitution of Broaster ingredients can duplicate its world famous taste, texture, and delicious Broaster flavor. All Genuine Broaster foods are prepared and cooked in a similar fashion. And, best of all, our Genuine Broaster Chicken provides a more tender, juicy, and flavorful product with a fraction of the carbs, and fewer calories and less fat in most instances, than the leading national brand!