How Much to Tip The Pizza Guy?

Your pizza has arrived and you're fumbling with your wallet trying to run some numbers and figure out just how much to tip your pizza guy. They're watching you and now you're sweating thinking you are messing up quickly! Just tip 20% - divide your bill by 5 and add that to your total.

Ok, got that settled? Let's take a minute to discuss tipping, so you never have to worry about how much to tip pizza guys again!

The Rules of Tipping

The biggest thing you can do to lock in how much to tip is to use common sense - the harder the job, the bigger the tip. When it comes to pizza delivery drivers – remember their job isn't simply carrying a pizza box from their car to your front door. They have to drive their cars across town in traffic that is often less than ideal (at least here in Phoenix!), safely, following the fastest routes, to get your meal to you while it's fresh and delicious.

Now, what if there's bad weather? What if there's construction? What if it's 120° out there? You see how these things start to add up to make what might seem like a simple job at first glance not so simple after all.

15%, 20%, or What?

The old rule of thumb was 15%, but does that amount still hold? Depending on who you ask you're going to get different numbers, but almost universally 15% is too low. In 2018 Square put the average tip at 16.4%, meanwhile, did a survey that suggests the median tip is 18%. A Discover survey suggests that as of 2017, the average is 20% (they have a breakdown of responses and a tipping table here). 

One thing is true - 15% ain't what it used to be! 20% seems to be a safe and reasonable number to hit when tipping going forward, at least until the value of a dollar and all of the other factors that influence tipping change.

Here are some other easy guidelines to follow when it comes to tipping:

  • Make Generous the Default 

If you're ever unsure how much to tip, err on the side of generosity and tip plenty!

  • Don't Assume Tipping is Optional

If you're at a restaurant or bar - or yes, ordering pizza - don't assume that a tip is just a nice extra. Tips are how many people in service industries make their living and the work and service they provide to you without tips is in essence them working for free for a time.

Over the past year, people began to understand better and better just how important and essential delivery drivers really are. Bringing meals from the restaurant kitchens right to our doors isn't just a convenience – for many, it became a necessity to cut out unnecessary potential exposures and to keep themselves and their families safe. That wouldn't be possible without delivery drivers!

Now that times are settling back down, don't forget just how valuable your local pizza guy was – they kept you fed and safe and they're still delivering the hot and fresh pizza today, so tip 'em, they've earned it!

Now that you know how much to tip the pizza guy, it's time to order! Place your order for delivery and Streets of New York will deliver you fresh, hot pizza in no time!