Our Crust Needs One Special Step, It is 'Dough' Important

Let's talk about dough baby! Last time on the blog we went into the ins and outs of New York pizza and how the crucial piece in a New York pie is the crust. What makes the crust? Well, it's the dough, duh! This time on the Streets of New York blog we want to talk about dough

Get it? 'Dough' important. Like 'so.' You get it. 

What Goes into Dough

First, what goes into the dough. Pizza dough is one of those things that is a staple, it starts out with simple ingredients that create something wonderful. All pizza dough is made up with the same basic ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, and olive oil - in our case we prefer to use a special extra virgin olive oil, but it's olive oil all the same.

While those ingredients might all be pretty straightforward, there are choices you can make within them to get different results, like how we use extra virgin olive oil specifically. You can use more or less salt, different types of yeast, and flour all to different effects. Some folks swear by using water at specific temperatures, some throw sugar into the mix, heck if you look hard enough there's probably people who say the only way to make the best dough is at midnight on a full moon! As ridiculous as that may sound, some of these tricks do have 

For instance, we talked about how New York pizza is all about the crust right? That crust is specially made from a dough that is formulated and developed to get a specific result. Sure, there are only four ingredients, but flour has such a wide range of potential that you can play around with it to get specific results. In the case of New York-style pizza dough that means getting a flour that is rich in gluten (bread flour being the most common) so the resulting crust is chewy, foldy goodness. 

Also, the way you combine them and work with them is what makes a dough worth having! That's where Streets of New York takes the extra step to ensure every crust is as perfect as can be.

Our Special Step - Proofing Patience

The extra step we take for our dough is to give it all the time it needs to proof! 

What's 'proofing'?

Proofing is used in all baking that has to deal with bread. It's the necessary time that the dough is left alone so that the yeast can activate and work it's magic! During this time the yeast eats up carbohydrates in the bread and expels carbon dioxide, this gas is what makes bread rise and gives it flavor!

Other pizza joints don't have time for that. They're whipping up pizzas with their ingredients delivered from their franchise headquarters, pulling frozen dough ready to go off the shelf, and assembling the pizza. Not us. At Streets of New York we make our dough every day in house and then let it proof for at least 8 hours.  The next day, our dough is ready to go and make delicious, chewy crust for all of our killer New York-style pizzas.

No matter what kinda crust you're looking for, whether it's a nice thin and crispy pie or traditional, Streets of New York has you covered! Find your local Streets of New York and order up a slice of the East Coast today!