Pepperoni Pizza - The Classic πŸ•

There are few pizzas that stick in the mind, in the cultural awareness of pizza quite like the classic pepperoni pizza. But why? What makes pepperoni pizza the go-to? Who first came up with it? Wonder no longer friend! Pull up to the table, grab your slice and let's dive into the history of the pepperoni pizza.

Pepperoni Is...

Pepperoni is a spicy, greasy, crispy delicious sausage made up of beef, pork, and spices. The term first got usage shortly after the first World War when it referred to dry sausage, specifically in Italian markets. It is after all, a specifically Italian-American creation! It has its roots in the spicy salamis of southern Italy, but is less spicy than its Old World cousins, and is usually softer in texture. Pepperoni as a word literally means 'big pepper' and probably comes from the peppers that originally gave it its punch.

How Pepperoni is Made

Pepperoni is made from pork or a mixture of pork and beef, and of course some pepper action. Sometimes turkey might be used as a substitute but poultry in pepperoni has to be specifically labeled as such. The sausage is cured using nitrates or nitrites – modern curing agents that protect against botulism and other potential problems. 

So it's a spicy salami, how'd it get to be topping on over a third of all pizzas sold in the US?

When Pepperoni Met Pizza

While pizza came to America with Italian immigrants it wasn't until a few decades later that it really popped off!  While sausage, bacon, and other salamis were frequent toppings in the 30's, pepperoni didn't meet pizza until a few decades later. First pepperoni might be found on pizzeria menus as an appetizer, a cured meat plate, maybe with some pickles! But soon enough people were experimenting and pepperoni found its way on top of the pie proper.

One record dates it back to 1950. A pizza historian points to a pizzeria called The Spot in New Haven, Connecticut as one of the first spots where the magic happened. From there it spread across the country!

Now, 70 years later pepperoni may just be the most important topping in pizza today – after cheese (every pizza needs cheese of course)! How popular is it? According to poll site YouGovAmerica, of those interviewed 

And that's why for instance, national pizza chains use ~30 million pounds of pepperoni a year! Here at Streets we use 60,000 pounds of pep every year! We use it on The New York Combo, The Meatlovers, and the Old Standby, as well as millions of straight pepperoni pizzas every year!

So whaddya say? Time to order up an extra large pepperoni New York Style pizza? You know who to turn to! Streets of New York has been serving up the best pizza, wings, pasta, and more for over 45 years, pepperoni pizza is just one of our hundreds of different offerings!

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