Pizza Crust is the foundation to a great Pizza

Let’s get something straight…you can’t build anything without a good foundation as you need something with stability and structure to withhold anything you place on top of it.

Can you imagine trying to build a house without a solid foundation? The same applies to the construction of a pizza and at Streets of New York a good pizza crust is what defines our New York pizza.

The Pizza Crust Matters!

There are no cutting corners in the crust and dough preparation at Streets of New York because we know that in order to get a good pizza crust, you need to build it not buy it.

The key component to making our dough is to first off, well make it from scratch. Streets of New York has never believed in cutting corners or taking the easy way out that’s why our pizza dough is made fresh daily, yes DAILY!

A good pizza dough starts with the right ingredients and flour the key to success in a quality product. We have carefully selected our flour and put it through the paces and of course rigorous taste testing…can I volunteer for that job??

The flour selection is very important as it can help make your pizza dough literally rise to the top of the competition...yes, the pun was intended.

In addition to the main ingredient flour, to get a great New York pizza crust you need fresh yeast. Dried yeast has its role in other baked goods, but it does not give the rise and aeration that is needed in fresh dough making.

Did you know that water temperature can make or break a pizza dough recipe? Oh yes, yes it can!!

To Proof or not to Proof

Since we live in Arizona, the temperature can greatly effect if you have a proof perfect dough or not. We have adapted our pizza dough recipe to deal with the changing temps, because just the right temperature can change how the fresh yeast activates.Creating the perfect pizza dough is a bit of baking knowledge and little bit of science

What other necessary ingredient goes into the Best Pizza Crust?

Why SALT of course!! What would the world do without salt? I confess that I am a bit of a salt addict myself, however, that aside, salt gives pizza dough the right chemical reaction to activate the yeast which essentially is getting the dough doing what it needs to do.

The Pizza Dough needs to Proof and Rise to the occasion

At Streets of New York, this process is done at the right temperature and under the right conditions.

The proofing process can take a minimum of 6-8 hours. Of course, some of the dough making process depends on the weather, humidity levels and the kitchen temperature conditions in which the pizza dough is prepared.

Who knew this much preparation goes into making pizza crust?

We are betting that you didn’t but that’s ok with us. At Streets of New York we are proud to be one of the few pizza restaurants that makes its pizza dough fresh, in-house, daily. Yes, we can cut corners and buy it premade and ready to go however we know that when the dough is made from scratch you can taste the difference.

We believe that starting with freshly made pizza crust is what sets Streets of New York pizza apart from other pizzas.

Check out our 26 convenient Streets of New York locations to find the location nearest to you and taste it for yourself; we think you will agree that the crust is truly the foundation to the perfect New York Style Pizza!