The Legend of… Lasagna!

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of sons of liberty, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Lasagna!  Destined to bear the jeweled crown of deliciousness upon a ridged  brow. It is I, its chronicler, who can tell thee of the saga. Let me tell you aof the days of high flavor!*

Lasagna, or lasagne, is a pasta dish that goes back centuries. Further than pizza, back into the Roman republic for sure, and possible even back to the ancient Greeks. How did a food dish like this stand the test of time and the evolution of spices, flavors, and tastes? Easy. It's delicious!

Lasagna - Legendary Beginnings

We know with certainty lasagna, or at the very least a dish very similar to it called lasana, existed in Ancient Rome thanks to a fella named Marcus Gavius Apicius who lived in the first century AD and wrote the "De re coquinaria," – translated means On the Subject of Cooking. In the book are all sorts of recipes and descriptions, it's a real antiquity cookbook! 

Changes With Time

The most concrete beginnings to lasagna are found in… you guessed it! Naples, Italy in the Middle Ages! There must've been something in the water back there huh? Anyways the lasagna that debuted there wasn't quite like the modern day good stuff – it featured fermented dough, flattened and boiled, sprinkled with cheese and eaten using a small pointy stick. 

A small pointy stick isn't going to be enough to eat our Streets of New York lasagna, oh no. You're going to need the most robust in utensil technology - the fork.

Like most pasta dishes, lasagna has a variety of different 'traditional' ingredients depending on where in the Bel Paese (Italian for 'beautiful country') it's being made.


The Modern Lasagna and the Streets Take

Lasagna is a pretty simple dish, all things considered. It's three delicious components multiplied. It's sauce, pasta, cheese, meat sauce and repeat until you're happy! It's…. It's great! 

Here at Streets of New York our special Lorrie's Lasagna uses ricotta cheese, Italian sausage and ground beef, as well as mozzarella and pecorino cheese layered throughout to make every piece an absolute showstopper. 

Lorrie, Mrs. Streets of New York herself has been making this recipe for decades and those years of experience and experimentation  are in each bite!

ricotta, italian sausage, ground beef, marinara sauce, mozzarella, pecorino

Sauce, pasta, cheese, meat, repeat. It's not hard to see why lasagna is so delicious!

Ready to order a heaping plate of lasagna for dinner, just like Lorrie makes? Order online today from your local Streets of New York location, or head in and enjoy a nice dinner from our classic homemade recipe!

*Those of you who know your 80's sword and sandal flicks clocked that Conan the Barbarian reference I'm sure. This annotation is for everyone else.