What is a Margherita Pizza?

Last month on the blog we took a look at the history of pizza, how it developed from street vendor fair in Naples, Italy to the worldwide food phenomenon it is today. Along that journey we mentioned the Margherita pizza, it's a tried and true classic pizza flavor and today we're giving it it's own blog!

What is a Margherita Pizza

When it comes to most pizzas, the name is a pretty obvious and clear indicator of what to expect. A pepperoni pizza is covered in pepperoni, a meat lovers is… well, meat! And so on it goes for most pies. But the margherita pizza? Is the same true for it, and if so, what is a margherita?!

Last month when we talked about the history of pizza, we shared the story about how in 1889 the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, visited Naples. The story goes that she and her husband tried a few varieties of the local favorite food and the one she liked best took on her name for the centuries to come. It's a nice enough story – but is it true?

Maybe a little. While the name Pizza Margherita may have been spread because of the Queen's trip, the record shows that a pizza with those same toppings was already being made in Naples at the turn of the (19th) century. 

So, what are those toppings!

A pizza margherita (or margherita pizza) is made with basil, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, and thin slices of fresh mozzarella. Back in the 1800s, the tradition was to arrange the mozzarella in a flower-like shape over the sauce, and this shape may be the real reason for the name margherita – margherita is Italian for 'daisy.'

With that covered let's address the other most common question about margherita pizza!

Is Margherita Pizza healthier than regular pizza?

Many folks' first taste of margherita pizza is seen as a healthier option, but is it? Well, that depends on what you consider 'regular' pizza. If we compare it to a pepperoni pizza of the same size, a margherita pizza will have less fat and salt, but it will also have less protein. It will have more greens thanks to the basil, but enough to make it 'healthy?' When it comes down to it, margherita pizza isn't that much healthier than other pizzas so don't feel compelled to order it for health purposes. It's a delicious set of flavors that is worth enjoying as a meal, not as a 'diet' option.

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