Pizza and Beer - Name a More Iconic Duo

Few things go together as well as a big slice of New York-style pizza and an ice-cold beer. It's the meal of choice for game days, fight nights, parties, and hangouts for a reason!  We've covered wine and pizza pairings before – it's only fair we do the same for our hoppier friends. Without further ado let's talk about the best pizza and beer pairing out there!

The Best Pizza and Beer Pairs

Pepperoni Pizza… Pale Ale!

Let's start with the classics! Pepperoni pizza is the most common pizza folks of all sort seem to be able to agree on so what beer do pair with this? How about a pale ale! Malty pale ales bring out the tomato sauce flavors without beating down the pepperoni. Pale ales pack their own flavor but allow the specific flavor of the pepperoni to shine through.

Cheese Pizza… Wheat or Light Ale!

The tried and true simple cheese pizza. Cheese pizzas have less toppings than their other pie siblings. This means the beer you choose has to walk a narrower line so as to not overshadow the pizza. For bog standard cheese, we'd recommend a bog-standard light beer or wheat ale. 

Combo Pizza… IPA!

IPAs, India Pale Ales, are known for their potent hoppy flavor and that's what we need here. Combo pizzas are dense! Loaded with meats, veggies, all sorts of toppings with a whole world of their own flavors. To pair with that, well in this case it's less pairing and more opposing. You want a beer that can stand up to all those flavors! In comes the IPA. These beers have serious bitterness that can cut the saltiness of the meats without taking away from other toppings. This gives you a robust flavor profile without anything being too overpowering.

Hawaiian Pizza… Fruity Beers!

Hawaiian pizza has a fun tart and smoky flavor profile. Pineapple and Canadian bacon make for a sweet flavor. The hops of the beer can fight that, while the fruit flavor aligns with the Pineapple and pairs with the Canadian bacon. Hawaiian pizzas already have their flavors paired up perfectly, so drink a beer that piggybacks on all that hard work already! Another decent option for a Hawaiian is an IPA, again to combat all those flavors.

Veggie Pizzas… Lagers!

Veggie pizzas cover a wide variety but there are some usual suspects to account for when it comes to pairing. Olives, onions, spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers. For these types of pies go with something lower on the IBUs, it'll be less bitter and allow the different veggie flavors to have their time in the spotlight! That means lagers are what you're after! These will allow you to taste the veggies in every bite while cutting through the saltiness of the cheese. However! If your pizza is all mushrooms all the time then consider going with a stout. The umami flavor of mushrooms works well with a stout as the beer can bring more depth to the earthy tones.

Of course, here's the unwritten rule as always – drink what you like! These are just flavors that will pair well, supporting each other and bringing out the best of both worlds, but if you love pepperoni and are disgusted by pale ales don't mess with the good thing you got going on! 

The best pizza and beer combo is the one you love! So order it how you like it from Streets of New York!

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